Terry McAuliffe Makes Bizarre TV Appearance With A Bottle Of Rum

Clinton campaign Chair Terry McAuliffe boldly combined flacking for Senator Clinton with an audition for A&E's Intervention in one completely loopy Morning Joe appearance. Clad in the most hideous shirt ever made, bearing a large bottle of rum, and braying at host Mika Brzezinski that they were going to drink on on the set of the show Wednesday morning. Brzezinski responded to the overture with a noise that sounded like: "Weeehhhh-heeeheeeeheeeoookay," later adding, "...wow." But McAuliffe, despite being overtired, seemingly sauced, and on the run from Obama-supporting Puerto Rico based chupacabras, nevertheless effortlessly recited the campaign talking points, predicted a victory in South Dakota, and offered the somewhat presumptuous statement, "I don't think Hillary will declare victory tomorrow night." Then, it was off for some more pina coladas!


BRZEZINSKI: And, joining us now, Clinton campaign chairman Terry McAuliffe looking very good in his Hawaiian shirt or maybe Puerto Rico shirt.

MCAULIFFE: Puerto Rico.

BRZEZINSKI: How are you, Terry? How are you?

MCAULIFFE: I just got back at 2:00 this morning, and Mika, I want you to know, I brought you back your own Bacardi Gold from Puerto Rico. You and I are going to share this together and celebrate another big win by Hillary Clinton.

BRZEZINSKI: Weeehhhh-heeeheeeeheeeoookay! I'm ready for that Terry, I'm ready.

MCAULIFFE: And good news is, tomorrow night we are going to have Hillary Clinton's celebration in New York so I will be with her, I will be on set with you wednesday morning, in person.

BRZEZINSKI: Oh, and Terry, Terry, bring the bottle. okay?

MCAULIFFE: We'll have it to celebrate Hillary, the nominee of the Democratic party.

BRZEZINSKI: Wow. Okay. There would be some not so god news, though, to bring that, I'm sorry to bring you down a bit and please don't start drinking that because that's for me. But the delegate count doesn't add up, Terry?


BRZEZINSKI: Especially now, more added toward Obama.

MCAULIFFE: Yep...Listen, what I've said and I've said it on your show for a while. By the time the process is over, it is now clear that Hillary Clinton has gotten more candidates more than any person ever running for president. We're ahead in the popular vote. We added 142,000 last night. What's important last night is this was 100% Hispanic primary, and once again, Hillary won by more than two to one. A key, core constituency for the fall election. Who's the best in the general election? Hillary Clinton. You have had that map up. Look at that map and those states we have to win this fall. Hillary Clinton has won all of those states that we have to win this fall. So last night was another big win. Add that to last week in Kentucky, the week before West Virginia, the week before in Indiana, then Pennsylvania, Texas, Ohio. She has been on a roll.

BRZEZINSKI: Okay, Terry, I mean, you're good.