Being Clinton Strong!

Hillary wobbles. Hillary stumbles. The video peaks through Secret Service agents and Clinton staff as Hillary is helped into her SUV after attending a 9/11 memorial.

Right-wing bloggers have a field day. "See, we told you Clinton is too sick to be president. She's hiding a debilitating illness. It's a conspiracy to install a terminally ill woman into that sacred of all institutions, the presidency."

The truth was, Hillary has walking pneumonia. She was diagnosed on Friday.

The right wing adds a new attack. "Clinton should have told the American people she was sick. She's dishonest."

She's not dishonest. She's a trooper. She's the Energizer Bunny of Presidential candidates.

She wanted to fulfill her obligations even though she was sick. She thought she could power through pneumonia.

She wanted to attend the 9/11 Memorial. She wanted to honor those who lost so much.

That's presidential! That's Clinton-Strong.