Clinton, Trump, Aristotle & Other Fripperies

Q/ What do Donald Trump and the Galaxy Note 7 have in common?
A/ Both are self-combustable.
If you are of a certain age, one whose short-term memory is thinning, don't despair, there are benefits:

1) It's always a pleasant surprise to open a package from Amazon because you don't remember what you ordered.

2) Make-up sex is great because you have no memory of what the fight was about.

3) You have no idea how the Law and Order episode ends even though you've seen it recently.

4) You're telling the same joke to the same person you told it to yesterday, and you're delivery is quite fresh.

During this election season, it might be wise to ingest this thought:
"Never believe anything in politics until it's been officially denied."
Otto Von Bismarck
German Chancellor
There are a flood of commercials for a law firm running on Los Angeles TV stations. The phone number has a lot of 8s in it so the ad's tag line is: Don't Wait. Call 8. Quite effective because the alliterative lines air relentlessly, day and night, 24/7 until the Don't Wait. Call 8 becomes embedded in your brain. Surly this will lead to other sales alliterations such as...
Have a Yen. Call 10
No Wine. Try 9
Yearning for Heaven. Roll a 7
Looking for Kicks. Try 6
Want to Jive. Get 5
Stuck with a Bore. Meet 4
Got to Pee. Drink 3
Feeling Blue. Go to 2
Want some fun. Run to 1
"Public opinion is shaped by emotion, not reason."
One of the more enduring political campaign tactics is to label your opponent with a repugnant name and repeat it endlessly. The Clintons have their share of monikers. He's Slick Willie. She's Crooked Hillary. Republicans are not immune. How many remember George H. W. Bush's as the WIMP? It was so effective, it made the cover of Time Magazine in spite of the fact that he was a Navy fighter pilot and a genuine war hero in World War II. Bush flew 58 missions over a thousand days, made 126 aircraft carrier take-offs and landings, got shot down, bailed out and was rescued in the Pacific.

Teaching moment here: Don't assume every abhorrent candidate label is accurate. Or that all their promises will actually happen.
If you think our media is detestable and odious, consider this:
"The abuses of the press has generated a scatological political culture never before seen by any civilized country."
Thomas Jefferson
There are some who think that if the November election returns give Secretary Clinton just a few percentage points' victory, Mr. Trump will call the results rigged and launch a full-scale legal challenge that could end up with the evenly divided Supreme Court.
Which makes the following from Abraham Lincoln worth noting...
"The essence of democracy boils down to this. A majority wins because it has the majority of votes. But it agrees not to stand the members of the minority up against a wall and shoot them. Whereas, the minority agrees that they did not get the votes and will go along with the majority rules. But when those two are so far apart that they're not willing to abide by that, then you've started to write the death of democracy."
as quoted by
Prof. Allen C. Guelzo,
Director of Civil War Studies,
Gettysburg College