Clinton vs. Sanders: The Gloves Come Off

Hillary beat Bernie on points in Thursday night's debate. She was sharper, more aggressive, more present. So Bernie lost this battle, but even so, he is winning the war.

Clinton used the most political of ploys to score points in the debate. Wrapping herself in the mantle of Obama is not a strategy for leadership. It is derivative and superficial. It puts the focus on personalities, not on a vision for the future.

Sanders remains true to his insistence on not scoring cheap debating points or running on negative images of his opponent. He was bloodied but not bowed.

The road to the nomination is long and arduous. Many more rounds remain to be fought. Much more will emerge that we cannot yet anticipate.

Clinton is the "I" candidate, the eternal resume. She is running on a platform named "Hillary". Sanders is the issues candidate, running on a platform named "Change the System". In the short run, Clinton can make herself look good, but in the long run, the issues will have their day.

So Bernie will keep up the good fight, as will his many supporters. He, and they, will find strength in adversity. The future is still up for grabs.