The Coolest Part Of This Clippers Game-Winner Isn't Even The Shot

Now that was definitely Chris, not Cliff, Paul.

In an NBA season in which all eyes are on Northern California to see what visual on-court dessert Stephen Curry will dish out next, the tricks and talents of Southern California’s Chris Paul have been relegated to the shadows.

But playing second fiddle isn’t really Paul’s style. And the Clippers’ floor general reminded us of that on Thursday, when his team’s game against the Portland Trail Blazers knotted up at 94 with just 1.1 seconds remaining.

Sure, it was sharpshooter J.J. Redick who drilled the jumper, but the timing and placement-precision on Paul’s pass was pretty damn impeccable. Without a perfect dime, Redick gets out of rhythm. With Redick out of rhythm, the shot is likely off, and the game is sent to overtime.

Now that was definitely Chris, not Cliff, Paul.



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