The Clippers Have The Weirdest Locker Room Policy Ever

Which helps explain why J.J. Redick just sprinted to the locker room.

Some NBA personalities really hate postgame interviews. Some NBA personalities really hate punitive dancing. The Los Angeles Clippers’ sharpshooter J.J. Redick may just fall under both of those categories. 

In one of the weirder sideline interactions you’ll ever see, Redick barely spared enough time to give the reporter at hand a generic, cookie-cutter answer about his team's Monday night win over the Detroit Pistons before literally sprinting away from the camera and to his locker room.

Let’s break this down. Redick displays telltale signs of paranoia throughout the reporter's question -- looking every which way, fidgeting, shifty eyes.

Redick then seems to calm down for a moment, until he gets a tap on the shoulder, at which point he spits out his answer and sprints away (“Great win for us, I just think we showed a lot of resoooolve,” he says, with the last word trailing off as he leaves the mic far, far behind).

It turns out that Redick’s panic was caused by a bizarre franchise policy: the last Clipper to the locker room after every game is forced to dance for the rest of the team. You can hardly blame Redick for wanting to avoid the mandatory jig. After all, it seems like he’s had to do his fair share of dancing in the past, to the utter amusement of his teammates:


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