Clippers 'We Are One' Message Takes Off Online

NBA's Message Of Unity: WE ARE ONE

It was a simple message from a team to its fans: WE ARE ONE.

The words were posted on the website of the Los Angeles Clippers, a public repudiation of the racist comments made by team owner Donald Sterling -- comments that earned him a lifetime ban from the NBA.

Those words grew in power throughout the day as the rest of the league joined in. At least a dozen teams posted "WE ARE ONE" messages on their websites. Teams and players also took to Instagram and Twitter with the #weareone hashtag.

Even the team's current playoff rivals, the Golden State Warriors, posted a message of unity:

The message reached across sports, with the Los Angeles Kings NHL team -- locked in a playoff battle of its own with the San Jose Sharks -- posting a #weareone message:

See the slideshow below for more #weareone messages.

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We Are One

We Are One

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