Clive Owen On Playing Ernest Hemingway For HBO

Clive Owen Knows Nothing About 'Sin City 2'

Clive Owen recently sat down with Moviefone to discuss his work in "Sin City," "Children of Men" and, his latest film, "Intruders."

However, he also spent a few minutes talking about his upcoming TV role: playing Ernest Hemingway in the HBO special, "Hemingway and Gellhorn."

When it came to researching the late writer, Clive made sure no stone was left unturn.

So you are about to play Ernest Hemingwawy in HBO's "Hemingway and Gellhorn." Besides slugging whiskey and shooting bears, what sort of preparation did you do for the film?
A lot, actually. I took months out and traveled a lot. I went to his house in Cuba. I went to Hemingway's Paris, Hemingway's Madrid, read everything . It was an amazing project. It was a wonderful script. Philip Kaufman is such a great director. And obviously [acting] with Nicole Kidman -- it was one of those rare [movies] that felt like a real gift.

How familiar were you with Hemingway beforehand?
Not wildly familiar. That's why I took six, seven months out and sort of read everything. One of the perks of being an actor is you get to travel on these journeys and find out things. Doing that film made me read everything Hemingway [has done], which was great. I loved it.

It's been a pretty big year for Hemingway, between your film and "Midnight in Paris." Did you see that film at all?
Yea, yea I did.

What did you think of Corey Stoller, who portrayed Hemingway in the film?
I thought he was great. I thought he did a great job with it. [Hemingway] is coming back into fashion. It's a great thing because he's been a bit out of fashion for awhile.

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