Clive Worth Claims He Was Booted Off Facebook For Bedding Women

Man Claims He Was Booted Off Facebook For Bedding Hundreds Of Women

Clive Worth, 60, claims to have met and "bedded" around 1,500 women online.

He says he has connected with 300 of those women using Facebook, a tactic Worth believes has gotten him kicked off of the social networking site--multiple times.

The British ex-miner told Metro UK that he has had his Facebook profile removed four times. "Facebook don’t give me a reason any more, they just remove me," Worth said. A Facebook spokesperson allegedly countered that Facebook is "not the place to meet people you don’t know."

But now, Worth says he is back on Facebook with a new profile, a new identity, and a new look, posing as a woman named "Carol Peters" and using a photo of model Coralie Robinson to attract women.

Back in 2004, Worth was ousted from, where he claimed to have "met" close to 200 women. At the time, he told the BBC he was given the boot because he had failed to commit to any of these dates. A spokesperson for the site would not discuss Worth's case with the BBC, but added that "the only reason we would remove someone is if we received complaints from other members."

Worth also says he has been kicked off dating sites and, as well as video-sharing sites and "They [women] get upset and report me, saying I'm just after sex," Worth explained, according to the Sun. In 2004, he told the BBC, "There's lots of dating sites on the internet - I'm going to carry on until I'm 80."

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