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Close Aging Nukes By Installing LEDs

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Remy Chevalier is a brilliant and eccentric eco-activist with a "bright plan": he believes a very achievable switchover to green lighting will save enough energy to shut down our aging nuclear power plants -- in particular Indian Point, one of the oldest and most controversial plants, and roughly 30 miles north of Manhattan. Seth Leitman and I found this out while working on our book about green lighting, to be published early this fall by the Green Guru Guide series.

To drive his point home, Remy and his group Rock The Reactors are throwing a unique event in New York City this July 14, Bastille Day. Remy is of French descent and grew up in the offices of French Elle, where his dad was the founding photographer. To Remy, the French got it wrong when they built so many nuclear power plants a few decades ago. In his view, that aging atomic infrastructure, which is increasingly unpopular with French youth, is an entrenched foe that needs to be overthrown a la revolution in favor of new green technology -- starting with lighting, the lowest hanging fruit.

At the fabulous Hiro Ballroom (below the Maritime Hotel), Remy is assembling an eclectic mix of poets, artists, musicians, activists, intellectuals, lighting professionals, designers and other "leading lights," as well as former Indian Point workers (and now whistleblowers). The latest LEDs will be on display and libations will be poured. There will be brief presentations (limited to 3 minutes each, so it won't be like school) and performances by special guests. Anyone will have a chance to step up to the mic and contribute if you have something to say. Remy knows a thing or two about bringing together eclectic forces, having run the environmental room of the former Wetlands club.

Green model and pro makeup artist May Lindstrom holds a Philips Endura LED (photo by Courtney Dailey).

Seth and I will be there to introduce our book, so come out and say hello, and learn how you can save money, and live greener!


Hiro Ballroom

88th 9th Ave.

New York City

Bastille Day

July 14, 8pm

Check out McGraw-Hill's Green Lighting book.

Come check it out!

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