Close Your Eyes And Allow Idris Elba To Read You A Bedtime Story

It's for a good cause!

Tuck yourself in because Idris Elba is here to put you to sleep with a bedtime story.

Partnering with Project Literacy to help close the literacy gap, the actor read children’s book “The Little Chicken Named Pong-Pong” by Wanda Steward on camera. In the last year, Steward, a mom from Philadelphia, learned to read and write and is now a published author.

Sitting comfortably in a dimly lit kid’s room, Elba peacefully shares Steward’s “fantastic, new adventure” about a chicken trying to figure out why it’s raining acorns.

Aside from getting to listen to the actor’s soothing voice for four straight minutes, viewers of the video can also be a part of Project Literacy’s mission. Pearson, the founding company of the campaign, is offering free downloads of Steward’s book. For every download, Pearson will donate $1 to adult literacy charities, up to $10,000.

So go ahead, hit play. You know you want to.