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Chicago Named Top Travel Destination For Closeted Gay Men

We have plenty of data on where gay men like to vacation -- but what about men who aren't out of the closet?

According to a recent poll by MissTravel.com, the most popular destination for closeted gay men in the world is Chicago, Illinois, followed by Sydney, Australia. A press release from the site claims that over 5,000 "male members seeking male travel companions" were initially polled to learn if they were out and the 41% "who were in fact closeted were then surveyed to discover their top destinations for discreet travel."

“With gay marriage recently being recognized by the state of Illinois, it is not surprising that many closeted men are flocking to The Windy City,” Brandon Wade, Founder & CEO of MissTravel.com, said in a statement. “Chicago offers a wide variety of gay­-friendly attractions that complement the midwestern values the city was founded on.” The press release for the survey also noted that Chicago "is a business hub, making it a plausible destination for prudent travel" and that "all cities that made the final cut were gay-­friendly destinations that also catered to a heterosexual audience."

Check out the full top ten listing in the slideshow below.

Chicago, Illinois

Top Travel Destination For Closeted Gay Men

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