Closet Nurseries Are Just What Every Small Space-Living Family Needs

When you're short on space, you have to get creative. Storage is an absolute must, along with furniture that can go double duty. As for your rooms, learn to love the "coziness," once the arguments about whose stuff takes up more room subside.

Add a baby to the mix, though, and a small space quickly feels unlivable due to the sheer amount of stuff that comes with your little one. If a move isn't in your plans, then follow the lead of these apartment-living families, who turned a closet into a nursery. Yes, a closet nursery. It has just enough space for a baby and might be a better use of the space than storing ironic t-shirts from college that you haven't worn in years. Plus, you won't have to move. Convinced? Take a look at the spaces below for inspiration.

Dark walls make for a sophisticated look.
Apartment Therapy
Image courtesy of Apartment Therapy.
A tiny nook is the perfect spot to try out a lovely wallpaper.
Apartment Therapy
Image courtesy of Apartment Therapy.
See a pattern yet? A pendant light helps make the space look less "closet-y."
Photo courtesy of Domino. For more ideas, check out Domino's nursery gallery.
Even transitional spaces, like a walk-through closet, can be turned into a nursery.
Ashley Muir Bruhn/Hither & Thither
Ashley Muir Bruhn of Hither & Thither added a bold wallpaper, bright mobile and a mini-crib to create a stylish look.
A "Dutch cupboard" closet was turned into a nursery with the help of a built-in.
One Little Minute
Check out the One Little Minute blog for the full tutorial.
Small spaces can beautifully handle bold colors.
A Bit Of Sunshine
This darling nursery by Rebekah Gough of A Bit Of Sunshine features a warm statement wall.
You can also have fun with statement decor.
Jennifer Pebbles/Studio Pebbles
Jennifer Pebbles from Studio Pebbles even crafted an adorable paper hot air balloon. Cute overload.
Take the doors off cabinets.
The Washington Post via Getty Images
To answer your question right off the bat: Yes, you have to be a bit more organized.
Paint horizontal stripes.
The Washington Post via Getty Images
Black and white is always stylish, but the stripe treatment can make a room seem wider.
Be selective about what you bring into your home.
The Washington Post via Getty Images
Less is more -- never underestimate the power of breathing room in a small space.
Paint a statement wall.
Photo by Dave Lauridsen for Dwell
Whether you go dark or light, this creates depth which can make a room seem more spacious. (Embracing a minimal lifestyle also helps.)
Get (very) creative with wall space.
Got dozens of shoes? Put 'em up.
Hang curtains all the way to the ceiling.
This creates the illusion of a higher ceiling.
Incorporate mirrored finishes.
They reflect light (revolutionary, we know) which makes a room seem bigger.
Use a rug to define a space.
In an open floor plan, an area rug can turn a seating arrangement into a "room."