20 Low-Effort Closet Organization Hacks For All Your Small-Space Problems

You won't have to sacrifice space in your closet anymore — these finds will have you organized in no time.

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Never hunt for that missing sweater ever again.
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Never hunt for that missing sweater ever again.

Whether you’re working from home and trying to still be a serious professional in sweat pants or figuring out how to make your home office a productive place, you might be reassessing what you have lying around the house.

From packing away your winter wardrobe and donating that pair of pants you’ve had hanging around to pulling out your short-sleeved shirts, your closet might finally get some air. (And so might your “chairdrobe” ― that pile of clothes on a piece of furniture.)

If you have a small space and an even smaller closet, you might be looking to make sure that your wardrobe has some wiggle room. And luckily, we’ve found some things that’ll give your closet the space it needs.

Just FYI: Some of these products are from Amazon, which is currently delaying some shipments for nonessential items, so your order might take a little longer to get to you.

Still, these finds — like a see-through storage box so you can see what’s hiding inside and a garment rack to start your capsule wardrobe ASAP ― will have you organized in no time.

Check out these finds that free up some space in your closet:

Urban Outfitters Kayleigh Over-The-Door Multi-Hook Shelf
Urban Outfitters
This shelf will keep all your coats, cozy sweaters and hoodies separated from your other clothes. Plus, it has more storage than most over-the-door hooks with space to put your overflow of beauty products. Find it for $39 at Urban Outfitters.
Room Essentials Hanging Closet Organizer With Detachable Hamper
Don't let your hamper put a damper on your closet — this organizer doubles as extra storage for your foldable favorites and has a hamper that you can hang. Find it for $10 at Target.
Honey-Can-Do Basic Suit Hanger with Clips
These hangers are meant for suits, but there's nothing stopping you from using them to double the space in your wardrobe. You can hang a skirt with a top that you really don't want to steam again. Find the pack of 12 for $17 at Target.
IRIS USA Metal Garment Rack
A garment rack is a great way to create a capsule closetwith staples that you wear week after week. You can opt to get this one with more shelves, too. Find it for $47 or $69, depending on the color, at Walmart.
LOFT 10-Shelf Deluxe Arrow Weave Shoe Organizer
Bed Bath & Beyond
It happens to the best of us: One shoe goes missing (like a sock in the dryer). But this shoe organizer will keep your shoes safe in your closet without taking up too much space. Find it for $20 at Bed Bath & Beyond.
Honey Can Do Urban Deluxe Rolling Commercial Garment Rack
If you're looking for a garment rack that you can move to different corners of your bedroom, this one will do the trick. It also has extra storage on top and bottom for things like hats and shoes. Find it for $35 at Walmart.
House Day Magic Hanger Organizers
These organizers can hang horizontally or vertically. If you want some more space between your clothes so they stay wrinkle-free, you might opt for vertical organization. If you're in need more room, you can choose the horizontal option. Find the pack of 10 for $13 at Amazon.
Whitmor Chrome and Foam Blouse Hanger
A hanger without a lot of hang-ups. You can hang four tops from this tiered hanger. Find it for $10 at Amazon.
IKEA Kleppstad
It's ideal for an empty corner: You can keep an eye on this open wardrobe for the things you reach for every day. Find it for $79 at IKEA.
Anthropologie Nellie Hook
If you're super short on space, wall hooks can be spaced out throughout your apartment. But if you don't love the aesthetic of Command hooks (FYI, there's a mega pack on sale at Amazon right now), this hand-holding-flower hook might be right up your alley. Find it for $24 at Anthropologie (keep in mind it is on backorder).
Studio 3B Over-the-Door 24-Pocket Shoe Organizer
Bed Bath & Beyond
If you and your partner have been fighting for more shoe space, this organizer will give you both some much-needed room. Plus, it has 24 pockets. Find it for $15 at Bed Bath & Beyond.
Myfolrena Pants Hangers
These S-shaped pant hangers will save you space, and your work trousers will have a better chance of staying wrinkle-free. Find the pack of four for $18 at Amazon.
Whitmor Collapsible Zip Cube Clothing Storage Boxes
Pack it or stack it — these boxes are see-through so you can actually see what's hiding in them. Oh, and they're collapsible, too. Find one for $10 at Target.
InterDesign Classico 3-Hook Handbag Holder
Bed Bath & Beyond
Handbag hoarders, this one's for you. Find it for $9 at Bed Bath & Beyond.
Yamazaki Rolling Shoe Rack
Urban Outfitters
For the shoes you wear almost every day, this rolling rack will keep them close. Or at least under your bed. Find it for $79 at Urban Outfitters.
Lynk Vela Locking Closet Shelf Organizer
If your closet has a shelf or two, this organizer will help you have even more space — stack a pair of shoes or more lightweight tops so that your closet doesn't feel too filled to the brim. Find it for $12 at Target.
Anthropologie Astrea Jewelry Organizer
It's probably the prettiest jewelry organizer you'll ever see. It'll keep all your statement sparkles in one place. Find it for $58 at Anthropologie.
Simple Houseware 4 Pack Closet Underwear Organizer
Don't forget about your undies — this four-pack organizer will support all your bras. Find it for $15 at Amazon.
Safavieh Giorgio Chrome Wire Double Rod Clothes Rack
This rack has double the rods for double the room. Find it for $50 at Walmart.
IKEA Nikkeby
This colorful clothing rack will finally free up your bed or the chair where you keep all your rejected outfits. Find it for $50 at IKEA.

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