Closing Argument (I): Republicans Say "Yes" to Offshoring American Jobs

Michelle Bachmann rose to national attention with her call for the news media to conduct an investigation of Congress for un-American policies. She need have looked no further than her own cloakroom and her own voting record.

What could be more un-American than promoting the offshoring of American jobs?

Yet, that is what Republicans favor. They voted to allow companies to deduct from their taxable income the expenses of offshoring jobs and, for good measure, of shipping equipment overseas.

It would be one thing if only the whackomeister Michelle Bachmann voted for it.

But, sadly, that is not what happened.

The entire Republican Party voted for it, including the purported Speaker to be, John Boehner, the major supporter of Nazi cross-dressers running for Congress.

Although I hear Democrats saying something about all this, it certainly is not very forceful. It is not clear and concise. It gets all muddled with other words good for policy wonks, but not that touch peoples' guts.

The Republican Party favors sending your jobs offshore. They favor a global labor market, driving down the cost and power of labor. They cheerfully toast the screwing of the middle class. It drives up their profits, their wealth, their power. It is anti-American.

A vote for any Republican is a vote to send your job to a foreign country. That is why business is buying the election for Republicans.

That should be closing argument #1. The images: (i) George Bush speaking to the black-tied, bejeweled dinner calling them "his base", then becoming Joe Barton apologizing to BP; (ii) American factory workers walking out of their plants, (iii) the white-haired gent who runs the Chamber of Commerce with a list of their foreign contributors, (iv) foreign workers walking into their plants.


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