Wear Your Heart All Over Your Sleeve Thanks To This Custom Literary Swag

Now your drawer novel can be cozy, wearable art.

If you're anything like us, you love a good bookish T-shirt (or scarf, or tote, or whatever). The only problem with our stash of shirts emblazoned with F. Scott Fitzgerald quotes and Harper Lee references, of course, is that it makes the rest of us aspiring authors wish we could wear our own words with equal panache. Well, now we can.

Litographs has been making entire books look stylish and of manageable length for several years now, and we love their designs that cram all of Ulysses and Jane Eyre onto one T-shirt or tote bag -- while using clever formations of the text to create thematically appropriate art.

<i>A Wizard of Oz</i> T-shirt from Litographs
A Wizard of Oz T-shirt from Litographs

The company's new Kickstarter, in conjunction with the launch of new infinity scarves, offers proud scribblers the opportunity to go a step beyond computer-generated word clouds of their work. Backers of the Kickstarter, if they hit the $40 benchmark, can opt for a T-shirt or infinity scarf decorated with the text of their dissertations, first published stories, NaNoWriMo novels, and even, if they so choose, a stack of really on-point office memoranda. (If there's another writer's work you'd prefer, any work in the public domain also qualifies.)

Do you want to look like this guy?&nbsp;
Do you want to look like this guy? 

Backers will also be able to choose between several fonts, like Baskerville and Helvetica, and font sizes depending on how easily they want to be able to read their clothing in quiet moments.

Sure, not everyone has the narcissistic urge to wrap themselves in their own words. (We here at HuffPost Culture certainly do, but we can't speak for everyone.) Still, it can be nice to have the option. More words in the world never seems like a bad thing to us.



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