Clothing Brands And Pieces That Will Define Fashion In 2017

Clothing Brands and Pieces That Will Define Fashion In 2017
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We selected our top fashion company picks for who we think will be leading the fashion industry this year. Check them out below:

Whipping Post For classic style built to last the ages, look no further than Whipping Post. Initially started when the founder made a guitar strap, it has now evolved into an entire product line that embodies functionality and class. With leather goods that are fashioned to fit any occasion, this brand is sure to make its mark in the new year with a fashionable style that everyone can agree on.

SlideBelts I know what you’re thinking. Wait, this is not a belt. Where are the holes? This is not just a belt; allow me to introduce you into the world of SlideBelts, the one-of-a-kind ratchet belt system that gives the classic belt a well-needed, well-deserved upgrade. Including styles for both females and males, SlideBelts are the perfect opportunity to toss those raggedy, torn-hole belts for a stylish yet simplistic fashion statement. For the adventurer inside you, look to their special Survival Belt that includes a bottle opener, stainless steel knife, firestarter, and flashlight, perfect for all of your exploring needs.

Thesis Watches Now that we are on the topic of upgrades, Thesis Watches makes a statement not only with their unique design, but materials as well. A thesis watch won’t shy away from the spotlight of any room with its sheer modern, bold style. An artfully inspired conception, Thesis Watch is the cream of the crop; the photo speaks for itself in its remarkably unrivaled fashion.

Spenglish Spenglish brings clothing at the crossroads of comfort and fashion. Sporting styles that are perfect for lounging and a night out, you won’t want to take these clothes off. Their “Kiss Mayas” shirt will keep the heads turning for sure. Available for both men and women, they keep their line fresh with constant new arrivals to check out.

KLR KLR make a line of footwear fit for both kings and queens. We tried out their Kendrick boot that boasts both athletic influence and classic look, all with a memory foam insole. KLR is all about convergence, with the goal to unite the fashion senses of Outdoor, Military, and Motorcycles all in one to create looks that are fitting for any type of individual, anywhere in the world.

Vicious Venom Their line of bags are just as menacing as the name implies, with the secure roll-tops and waterproof design to “brave the elements” as their motto signifies. These bags are not only functional, they look the part too with a design that adds a clean sense of ruggedness for a fashion staple everyone needs. Having completed a successful Kickstarter, they, and all their backers believe in not letting the unexpected ruin your day. Be ready for the unexpected, grab a Vicious Venom pack.

LIV Watches LIV carries a line of watches for those who “dare to LIV” made of tough materials and a sleek design. The GX Base is one of their best, and also a small production run meaning that supply is running short! Head on over to their Shop Our Instagram page where you can see all of the gorgeous timepieces ranging in both color and style and imagine this beauty on your wrist. Check out their LIV Rewards program as well since, let’s face it, you’re going to want more than one of these bad boys.

Threadsmiths We all saw that Old Navy stainless white jean ad that made us all reminisce. Threadsmiths is bringing that science to a new level with their hydrophobic, stainless shirts for men and women. Even more so for the men, check out their stainless shirts and polos that will save you a trip to the dry cleaners. Or, look no further than their kiddies and babies section for all those parents out there praying for one less laundry load.

Thompson Tee Now moving from hydrophobic tees to sweatproof tees, Thompson Tee is guaranteed to bring an end to those unpleasant puddles of sweat under your armpits and let you freely move your arms in every which way you want without anything to hide. Their hydro-shield technology is antimicrobial and hypoallergenic to provide a heavy defense against stress, nervous, or even night sweats. Offering styles for both men and women including even slim fits, it’s not hard to bring these tees as staples into your wardrobe. Save yourself the trouble and the pit stains with Thompson Tee’s remarkable products.

Hudson Sutler It’s time to replace those paper bags you use to bring odds and ends to and from work. Hudson Sutler has a line of commuter duffel bags that will carry anything and everything for any day trip or commute. Beyond those, Hudson offers daypacks, dopp kits, garment bags—you name it, all to keep your packing easy and your “riffling through” to a minimum. Keep it standard with their wide array of colors or step it up even more and personalize it to your heart’s desire, and look no further than the convenience offered by Hudson Sutler.

JackThreads Pay attention guys, JackThreads has got it all. From t-shirts to jackets, shoes to button ups, JackThreads is the one-stop-shop for all that is men’s clothing. Featuring styles that range from streetwear to prep, JackThreads exhibits a wide variety of brands that will surely fit any man’s taste. Not sure what to go for? Look no further than their style lookbook where you can shop the style that you think is fresh. Our favorite? The Alpha MA-1 Bomber that is not only reversible, but a style classic through the ages beginning in the 60’s. On top of that, it’s free shipping. Always.

Shark Their design? Minimalism. Their prototype? The solar system. Their watch? Spot on. The Tawny Shark is the perfect gift for anyone, including your own wrist. Utilizing dots instead of numbers, the Tawny keeps it simple and to the point. Using “crazy horse leather” the band is flexible, crease-proof and water-proof to keep your watch going for years to come, without the wear-and-tear.

Comfortable Club How so comfy? With premium stitching, fit, and fabrics, Comfortable Club has got creating the perfect underwear down to a science. Sporting modal and elastane, these boxers, underwear, and pajama pants are not only breathable and resistant to shrinkage, they’re also sustainably sourced. They aspire to make all of their customers feel comfortable, both in the groin and the mind. We tried it and loved it. It’s the fluffy cloud of all unmentionables.

Pedestal Footwear Introducing Pedestal Footwear, the number one choice for fitness buffs and gym-mers everywhere. Built with Pedtex technology to support your toes and heels, it minimizes impact on these otherwise high-impact areas during workouts. Durable grips and silver lining finish these socks off to be the best around. It’s time to kick those dirty white gym socks to the curb and get a pair of these. Get away with 3-5 usages per wash. Incredible.

Bow and Stern High quality craftsmanship meets premium materials and a nautical style with Bow and Stern watches. With interchangeable bands and a myriad of watch face colors and metals, Bow and Stern watches flawlessly match any occasion. Scratch-proof sapphire glass and top grade vegetable tanned leather keep these watches a truly timeless piece.

Oxhorn Designs Fine jewelry is one thing, fine jewelry that smell like luxury is another. Oxhorn combines the wonders of aromatherapy with leather and silver pieces that is a scent locket for men and women. Each piece brings an air of luxury and a breath of refreshing class that can be paired with any of their amazing signature scents full of essential oils that not only smell good, but help you feel good too.

Danny P Simplistic style is their game at Danny P. Founded off the idea of simplistic luxury, it started with one leather iPhone case wallet and has evolved into a game-changing leather goods brand. Including a line of bags, cases, wallets, and more, Danny P products are each handmade from Italian leather. Their most popular leather wallet phone case keeps your two most important accessories side by side encased in the softest, most finest leather. A truly revolutionary product for men.

OLIVERS OLIVERS has truly revolutionized male fitness clothing and gear. Their popular All Over Short boasts 4-way stretch, water repellancy, and inner pockets to keep your running essentials close and secure. Another favorite is their Porter Hoodie made of 98% Merino Wool that is crisply tailored and fitted that truly uplifts casual wear. All of their clothing is handmade in California and truly fits the bill for clothing to grab a coffee, bike to the store, take a morning hike, exuding true attention to detail and class. Old college team gym shorts simply can’t match the stylings of OLIVERS.

Bau Watches With the mission to inject minimalism in everyday wear, Bau Watches has its first creation BAU 963 out that is an infusion of modernism and simplicity. Be sure to look out for their Kickstarter campaign with their next creation, BAU 1296 that is inspired as a clean, minimalist time-teller that is a product of beauty. Available in four styles, it includes all the necessities for a wristwatch in a way that makes the watch feel like it’s one with the wearer.

Issara Classy bags for the classy modern man and woman, Issara brings to life luxury goods that is durable and stylish, all while maintaining its shape with a seemingly ever-expanding interior. We tried their messenger bag out and fit all of our essentials we needed to travel to and from work, to go on a day-trip to the city, even traveling across the country on a business trip. It’s the perfect addition to any work wardrobe and, for those 15” laptops, the perfect traveling home. Their newest collection at Issara is infused with technology with its embedded tracking feature. Without gaudy logos or easily scratched materials, Issara leather goods truly are masterpieces that are only continuing to thrive in finesse and luxury.

Kojima Genes With the advancements of industrial tech merging the sectors of fashion and science, Kojima Genes has infused space technology with their denim. Kojima Genes are Japanese creations brought to the San Francisco to infuse the “Made in Kojima” denim globally. Teaming up with experienced textile manufacturers and engineers, Kojima has 100% perfected the color, style, and comfort of jeans. A complete masterpiece of denim, Kojima genes give Levi’s a run for their money. With funding off of a successful Kickstarter campaign, Made in Kojima’s are in limited production, meaning you better hop on to it in order to hop into a pair of beautifully crafted jeans.

Analog Watch Co. We found the Analog Watch Co. through their signature marble classic watch design that was truly jaw-droppingly stunning. We loved the feel, the look, all of it. This is a genuine marble face, people—that’s incredible. Lightweight yet durable, the watches by Analog Watch Co truly hit the mark. With watch selections like these out there, there isn’t an excuse to not be looking dapper and classy at all times. And we love their sustainability causes—every marble watch purchased will help support Earthworks. So when you’re looking for an excuse to buy this beauty for your wrist, think about the environment, and just do it.

RPMWEST With the goal of creating minimalist, durable casual wear, RPMWEST has truly hit the nail on the head. For premium menswear staples, RPMWEST is matched by no one. Some of their top picks include their quarter century jacket and tees that are all about comfort in style. With carefully designed and constructed clothing that will last you, well, a quarter of a century, these clothes are fit for a king to be worn by a king (that’s you!).

Ohw For the perfect balance between comfort and style, Ohw offers a line of shoes that combine class with streetwear. The colors are great for matching and versatile to look great on anyone. Their selection of gorgeous, durable materials from suede to leather make these shoes the perfect everyday wear that will keep the compliments rolling long after they lose that new sneaker squeak.

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