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10 Clothing Lifehacks That Will Make Little Tasks Like Hanging Shirts So Much Easier (VIDEO)

Here are 10 simple lifehacks that will make your life so much easier.

We're not going to say that hanging t-shirts in your closet is the most difficult thing in the world, but it certainly is annoying -- and time consuming. But luckily, our friends at Lifehacker found well, a lifehack, that makes this task much speedier.

All you have to do is slip your arm through the bottom and out the neck opening of several shirt so they are are stacked on top of each other. Then, you can quickly tuck hangers one by one through each collar. Believe us, this trick will come in handy after you've just done some laundry.

This isn't the only lifehack for clothes the site has to offer. Watch the video above to see nine more, and be sure to head over to its YouTube channel for more information.

No More Runaway Beers

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