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This 'Nasty' Clothing Line Is Donating Its Proceeds To Planned Parenthood

Calling all members of the Pantsuit Nation.

You can now wear your support of Hillary Clinton and the Pantsuit Nation on your sleeve while supporting an important cause.

In the wake of last week’s presidency shock, many people were left wondering what action they could take to support the causes they support. Plenty of nasty merchandise has emerged over the past month, but this line in particular has got us reaching for our wallets.

The Outrage, a clothing website that aims to “connect with others who support equality and smash limits, stereotypes and barriers” sells gems like “liberal vagenda” and “smash the patriarchy” brooches. It vowed last Wednesday to donate 100 percent of proceeds from its new Pantsuit Nation collection to Planned Parenthood. (One should note that the collection is named “Pantsuit Nation” but is not affiliated with the political group of the same name.)

Pantsuit Nation pride sweatshirt, $45
Pantsuit Nation pride sweatshirt, $45

One-hundred percent of the brand’s already-existing “Nasty Women Unite” collection has been going to Planned Parenthood in Donald Trump’s name, while portions of proceeds from other collections go to other causes the site supports.

This action takes a cue from those who have recently donated to the organization in the name of Mike Pence, who has repeatedly and dauntingly made his position against abortion very clear. It also comes just one day after Trump said in an interview with “60 Minutes” that some women may “have to go to another state” for an abortion if Roe v. Wade is overturned.

Rebecca Funk, co-founder of The Outrage, explained to The Huffington Post why it’s so important for the site to take a stand.

“Like so many, we think it’s long overdue to have a woman in the Oval Office and we were heartbroken when Hillary was not elected,” Funk said. “She is a long-time champion of women’s rights and we wanted to honor and carry forward the important work she has done on our behalf.”

Men's "Nasty Women Unite" T-shirt, $32. 
Men's "Nasty Women Unite" T-shirt, $32. 

Since announcing its plans, Funk told The Huffington Post that The Outrage has “sold over $50,000 of merchandise in less than a week. It’s been overwhelming in the best possible way,” she said, adding, “If any readers out there live in D.C. and want to volunteer at our warehouse (my former living room), we’ll take all the help we can get.”

Never underestimate the power of fashion.

Head to The Outrage to shop.

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