What The Heck Is Cloud Bread, And Why Are So Many People Pinning It?

Cloudy with a chance of low carbs.

Pinterest hands out healthy food recipes like they're hotcakes on a Sunday morning. One of its latest trends appeals to people trying to gluten-free, and it's called cloud bread.

Cloud bread is making waves in repins and likes, making a 73 percent increase in visibility on the Pinterest platform since last year. Despite its name, this dough isn't conceived from the heavens. The "bread" is a grain-free alternative (for all of you gluten-free people out there) and also boasts a low amount of carbohydrates. Some recipes even state that the bread has zero carbs. (Though we wouldn't exactly call it healthiest.)

Thankfully, making the cloud lookalike is pretty simple. Unless you want to add herbs and spices, like rosemary, there are on average three to four ingredients, including eggs, cream cheese (which is why we wouldn't consider it to be the healthiest of recipes) and cream of tartar.

Since it's still the beginning of the year, people are still hanging on to healthy eating as a resolution. Nutritionist and transformational health coach Emily Littlefield says that based on her research, "Cloud bread can be part of a healthy diet because it satisfies your cravings for carbohydrates without guilt, sugar and wheat." She adds that it's the perfect alternative for people "on a weight loss plan or gluten-free and sugar-free diet."

Want to try out this Pinteresting trend? Look at the recipes below and eat all of the bread you want, cloudy or non-cloudy!


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