Hero Street Artist Puts Clown Noses On All Those Ads You Absolutely Hate

Hero Street Artist Puts Clown Noses On All Those Ads You Absolutely Hate

There's nothing commuters hate more than aggressively positioned advertisements. (Well, save for other commuters.) There's just something so visually assaulting about the overly airbrushed, blindingly vibrant, hilariously dramatic marketing ploys that decorate the walls of subway stations and corner shops.

So it's not hard to fall in love with New York-based designer Ji Lee's recent public art project, one that targets the ad monstrosities with a little bit of levity. Titled "Clownify Stickers," the cheeky endeavor involves plastering red clown nose stickers on the faces of billboard models and television poster actors, transforming the otherwise annoying portraits into clever works of street art.

Silly-clown Valley

Opting for enhancement instead of vandalism, Lee simply created small, red removable stickers that play the part of a clown nose when applied to someone's visage. "I live in NYC and I walk, bicycle or ride the subway everyday," Lee explained to The Huffington Post. "There are lots of ads everywhere, so I wondered how I can make my commute little bit more fun for me and for everyone around by simply transforming these ads that have become so ubiquitous. When I place these stickers, people often laugh and give me a 'thumb up' [sic]. I think people enjoy them."

"Ads are definitely more fun with clowns in them," he added. "I believe everyone wins with this, especially the advertisers, because now they will get more looks to their ads than before."

This isn't Lee's first foray into the world of creative street art projects. He's also the brain behind "Mysterabbit," the adorable urban invention that brought miniature rabbit statues to the streets of cities across the world, as well as "Please Enjoy," another stab at making advertisements a little bit more interesting.

Check out a preview of "Clownify Stickers" below. Let us know your thoughts on this particular brand of NYC beautification in the comments.


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