Regular Clowns Fight Joker And Pennywise In Brutally Funny Bozo Brawl With James Corden

They take their bar beef outside on "The Late Late Show."

So these two clowns walk into a bar Thursday on “The Late Late Show” ― and they’re Pennywise from the “It” movies and Joker. Some regular clowns take umbrage at the scary clowns’ presence because “none of us can find work because of you two.”

The bozos take their beef outside, into the streets. One regular clown (James Corden) threatens to shove his size 38 shoe up Joker’s rear end. Another (Cedric the Entertainer) tells the evil clowns: “Are you a scary clown or just a scared clown?”

Then the fight kicks off.

Watch the furiously funny business ― with a few other actors you might recognize ― above.