Clowns Rob Sonny's Rocks In Denver, Steal Fake Jewelry (VIDEO, UPDATE)

Robbers in clown disguises held up a jewelry store in Denver on Wednesday, but it seems the joke is on them.

9News reports two men entered the Sonny's Rocks on South Colorado in Denver at about 11:00 a.m. with guns drawn. After shepherding customers and employees to lie face down, the robbers proceeded to ransack jewelry cases.

As KDVR points out, however, the jewelry on display wasn't real. Sonny's Rocks, along with many other stores, began displaying high quality fake replicas after the price of precious metals skyrocketed in recent years.


On Thursday, Denver Police may have found the two robbery suspects that were dressed as clowns in Utah.

According to CBSDenver, Utah police pulled over 21-year-old Vincent Scott Matthews, Jr. who was driving with a passenger named Ronnette Sheri Hatch, 22, both from Aurora, for a traffic violation. But when the police searched the car they found much more than they bargained for: More than 100 diamond rings worth about $400,000 in the trunk and a loaded handgun under the driver's seat, Fox 31 reports.

The pair were arrested, according to 7News, but authorities are still unsure if they are involved with the robbery at Sonny's Rocks.


The 'jewelry' the clowns made off with? "It's not real," said store co-owner Mark Allen to KDVR, "It's totally worthless."

We're guessing the clowns are more than a little upset at the news. Nobody was hurt in the incident.