'Clueless' The Musical Confirmed By Director Amy Heckerling

"Clueless" the musical has been confirmed, and we're totally buggin' (in a good way!).

That's right -- the beloved 1995 high school movie is getting the musical treatment. Amy Heckerling, the film's director, told Entertainment Tonight, "I've written the, what they call 'the book,' and it's a jukebox musical."

Kristin Hanggi, director of Broadway hit "Rock of Ages," is set to direct the show, while Dodger Theatricals, the folks behind "Jersey Boys" and "Into The Woods," will produce it.

The only thing Heckerling didn't reveal was the musical score, but since it's going to be a jukebox musical -- a production that uses popular songs in its musical score -- we're hoping some of our favorite tunes from the movie make their way into the production. "Rollin' With The Homies," anyone?

The director did, however, comment on casting for the musical, admitting it will be "the main problem." Last year, before the production was confirmed, Heckerling revealed Katy Perry was interested in joining the cast.

"Katy Perry has expressed interest, and I love her to death," she told Rolling Stone, adding, "Maybe Iggy Azalea would do it!" if Perry was too busy. (We all know Iggy's got her Cher impression down pat.)

We're already giddy with excitement!

CORRECTION: An earlier version of this post stated Amy Heckerling confirmed the news in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, not Entertainment Tonight.



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