'Clueless' Reunion On 'Suburgatory': Alicia Silverstone Talks 'Clueless' References, Working With Jeremy Sisto & More

Cher (Alicia Silverstone) and Elton (Jeremy Sisto) may have not ended up together in the 1995 teen classic "Clueless," but nearly two decades later, the actors who played them are falling head over heels for each other.

The two reunite on ABC's freshman comedy "Suburgatory" (Wednesdays at 8:30 p.m. ET) and Silverstone told HuffPost TV that she and Sisto picked up right where they left off.

"The first day we saw each other, we just had so much fun together," Silverstone said via phone.

Sisto -- who played the biggest snob at "Clueless'" fictional Beverly Hills high school -- now stars on "Suburgatory" as George, a single dad who moves from New York to the suburbs with his teen daughter Tessa (Jane Levy). On this week's episode, entitled "Entering Eden," George finds himself immediately attracted to Silverstone's very health-conscious character Eden at the Chatswin Farmer's Market.

But for those hungry for some "Clueless" inside jokes, Silverstone says they won't be disappointed. Below, find out what else she had to say about reconnecting with Sisto, returning for more "Suburgatory" and why Wallace Shawn -- better known as "Clueless'" Mr. Hall -- still gives her belly laughs.

How did your guest stint on "Suburgatory" come about?
Emily Kapnik, the creator, she called me and told me about the part. So I watched the show and I fell in love with it. I said, "I'm in," because I'm a huge fan now and I can't wait for it to come on. Every Wednesday night I get very excited ... It's so fun. It's my new favorite show.

Had you been in touch with Jeremy Sisto at that point?
No. We would run into each other here and there over the years. The last time I saw him, he came to see me in "Time Stands Still," the play I did with Laura Linney on Broadway at the Manhattan Theater Club. He came to see me backstage, which was really sweet, and I didn't know he was there. He came to say, "Hi" with his wife and he met my husband so that was really nice. We talked for a while and I had a really good feeling saying goodbye to him. He'd grown so much. It was almost two decades ago that worked together [on "Clueless"].

I talked to Jeremy back in February when you guys were filming the episodes and he said how weird it was that when you had done "Clueless," he was 19 and so much had changed. Did it feel natural to reconnect with him?
We first worked together on a movie called "Hideaway" before "Clueless" and we were both at a place in our lives when we were just starting out ... And when we reconnected, we were both at a place where we were parents. The first day we saw each other, we just had so much fun together. He just creates a really fun environment ... We kind of can't stop talking in between takes. We really enjoy being around each other and we just had the best time. He's got a great energy. He's super supportive ... Even the way that him and Jane interact. It's so adorable and lovely. They play and tease each other so much.

It looks like there's a slight reference to "Clueless" when the two of you meet in your first episode where George says he's "clueless" about "health crap." Are there are anymore insider jokes like that fans can look forward to?
There's one more in the first episode.

So are we going to hear Coolio's "Rollin' With the Homies"?
We don't have that. Almost. Almost! [Laughs.]

Is it a Cranberries CD?
You'll see. [Laughs.] I don't think it's that exciting, but I think you'll be like, "I remember that!"

Your character Eden definitely shares your health-conscious attitude. Did you have any input in creating her?
Not one bit. [Laughs.] Not in a bad way. When Emily called and told me about the character, they hadn't written her yet, but she said what they were planning on doing. And I remember thinking, "Ut oh. She's so close to me. Is that going to be odd?" Because sometimes when something's so close to you, it's hard not to take it too seriously ... It's easier when it's something else. But there are many things about this character that I don't have in common with at all so it was very easy for me to realize [we're not the same].

I have a very, unique career, let's say that. I do meet Jeremy's character at the farmer's market, which I love because a farmer's market is a wonderful place. And we have lots of chemistry, but our relationship causes some unusual complications because of my unique career, which you will find out about in the first episode.

And how does that relationship affect Tessa?
It's going to be a little bit tricky because she certainly doesn't want a new woman around, I don't think. [Laughs.] So that factors into some of the tension and excitement that goes on for sure.

And what about Dallas, Cheryl Hines' character? Did you have any scenes with her?
No. We did not have a scene together at all!

So no drama plays out between those two women in George's life?
I think so far, the jealousy is a little bit more on Dallas' side because she understands that Eden's presence is there, but we don't interact yet.

And if the show is renewed for a second season, would you be back?
I don't know what the future holds and how that's going to work out. I mean, I love the show so much and I had so much fun working on it. I think that's something we have to take as it comes.

But where your character winds up at the end of the season, there is potential for her to come back?
Yeah, we leave it cliff-hanger style so we have the option. [Laughs.]

You also have the vampire horror-comedy "Vamps" coming up, which reunited you with "Clueless" writer/director Amy Heckerling. What was working on that like?
I love Amy Heckerling and I think she's so brilliant. She has this amazing way of writing surface things that seem delightful and light and fun, but at the same time, there's so much underneath it. It's very witty, clever things for parents and adults to enjoy as well. So I feel like she did that with "Clueless" really well and she did that with "Vamps" really well. I think kids will be like, "Oh, it's so fun to hang out in the coffin!" [Laughs.] I think that makes everything look so pretty. The costumes are amazing and the references are all very current and fresh, but at the same time, it's like a love letter to New York. There's all this stuff I think an intellectual adult would understand and be excited about.

And just like with "Suburgatory," it's always nice for fans to see the people who created something they love work together again.
This one has Wally Shawn [Mr. Hall in "Clueless"] in it, too. And he plays a good part and it's a good big part, too. He's so funny. There are some big belly laughs in this movie and one of the biggest ones for me is something with Wally that just cracks me up so bad. [Laughs.]

Alicia Silverstone's multi-episode arc on "Suburgatory" begins Wed., April 18 at 8:30 p.m. ET on ABC.