Police Give Clumsy Burglar The 'Mission Impossible' Treatment He Deserves

Compliments of Australian police.

Somewhere, Tom Cruise is shaking his head.

Police in Australia have released security footage of a clumsy suspect who not-so-gracefully tried to rob a computer store.

The would-be burglar enters the Chermside, Queensland, business from the roof and descends "'mission impossible' style by a rope tied to his foot," a statement from Queensland Police explains.

Adding insult to injury, authorities set the mood by releasing the security footage with some "Mission Impossible" style music.

Because this...

...reminds you of this, no?

The suspect is seen searching the premises before he leaves from the hole in the ceiling that he entered from. Police say he did not take any property.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Crime Stoppers in Australia at 1800 333 000.