11 Useful Gifts That Don’t Create Clutter

Stay organized with these clutter-free gifts.
Cavan Images via Getty Images

Gifts are an integral part of the holiday season, whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or another tradition. While giving and receiving thoughtful gifts often brings warm feelings, it also means you end up with a lot of material things you might not need.

Whether it’s candles, a new sweater, another mug or an odd-shaped ceramic bowl —every gift you receive must find a place in your home. Even the most well-meaning knick knacks might end up tossed in a drawer or in the back of a closet for the sake of keeping your living space organized.

If this sounds like one of your friends or family members, check out this list of clutter-free gifts that don’t take up space. These gift ideas are both practical and thoughtful, so your giftee (and their tidy home) will be sure to thank you.

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Houseplants, to add color and personality to any space.
These small beginner houseplants are easy to care for, so even then brownest thumb should be able to keep them alive. This four-pack of starter plants from Amazon is the ideal gift for a friend who’s just moved, needs cheering up or who wants to keep their apartment fresh and trendy. There are plenty of underrated places to buy houseplants online.
A two-in-one makeup mirror that has a Bluetooth speaker built into it.
Urban Outfitters
This makeup mirror comes with built-in Bluetooth speakers, so you can jam to your favorite pump-up tunes before heading out on the town. It’s perfect for beauty lovers who want to optimize their space without sacrificing their routine.
A chic diffuser that doesn’t look like a diffuser.
This matte ceramic diffuser is stylish enough to double as a centerpiece on your coffee table or bookshelf. It’s easy to clean, has two timer settings and includes an optional light that can be used as a night light whether the machine is diffusing or not.
An elegant notepad set, for the chronic list maker.
Of A Kind
How many times have you spotted your “Type-A” friend scribbling notes and grocery lists on the back of napkins? Give the list maker in your life a way to keep all of their lists in one place with this stylish notepad set.
A multipurpose dish rack that’ll optimize kitchen space.
This practical dish rack is perfect for people who need to maximize every inch of kitchen space they have. Use it as a trivet, a colander to rinse veggies before prep or as a dish-drying rack. Fold it up for easy storage.
A beautiful wall calendar that looks like a piece of art.
Etsy / BoundLove
This wall calendar doubles as a small piece of art that changes every month. The dreamy moon illustrations will look at home above a desk, in a small kitchen, on an office wall or more.
A hanging cocktail bar made for small spaces.
Uncommon Goods
Space might be tight, but there’s always room for a space-saving cocktail bar. This clever contraption unfolds from the wall, so you can fold it up when you’re done entertaining for the night.
This customizable phone valet, perfect for an entryway table.
Etsy / BigLemur
Keep all your valuables organized in one spot with this wooden phone valet. This design from Etsy can be personalized for an extra special touch.
A simple jewelry stand, for the minimalist.
Don’t lose another earring with this pretty jewelry display. It’s easy to move around, and the pegboard base design is adjustable for your jewelry storage needs.
A shave kit for here or there.
With this shave kit, he can keep all his toiletries in once place, whether at home or on the road. The cheeky lining act as a pick-me-up, no matter which hemisphere he’s in.
These macramé, catch-all storage baskets to hide clutter.
Urban Outfitters
Fill these macramé storage baskets with all of your day-to-day essentials you don’t want on display for everyone to see, like diapers, pet supplies, craft materials, and even those loose cables and cords you don’t want to lose