C'mon America

You're not really serious, right?

You're not about to elect a pathological liar, transparent sexist, more or less confessed racist, and inattentive charlatan to the Presidency.

You don't want an authoritarian con-man in the White House.

You'll reject the notion that being Commander-in-Chief is a position suitable for anyone with a part-time attention span and full-blown narcissism.

You don't want a President who will out-source the job to anyone who praises him because he hasn't a clue about policy and no desire to learn.

You've had it with a campaign from a GOP nominee which in truth has amounted to nothing but insult.

You understand that Presidential elections are not won by exhibitions of bad taste, adolescent immaturity writ large, and a foul mouth.

You get it that we don't want a thug in the White House, or even a non-thug who encourages the thugs among us.

You understand that the history of this great country does not guarantee its survival in the wake a fascist ascension, that the blood shed on battlefields throughout the world is not honored if we give away our country to a fool who brags about assaulting women, punching dissenters, disparaging foreigners, and playing us all for chumps.

You understand that you are tired of the sheer boredom of him, and of all his nonsense . . . and meanness . . . and utter lack of empathy or fellow-feeling.

You think that being President is not about how rich you are, or the amount you inherited (or were loaned), or the number of concrete edifices adorned with the forever (and often faux) boast of your name.

You understand that quips are not policies, that ad hominems are not arguments, and that the ad nauseaum repetition of promised victory, the path to which is never explained because (i) he can't explain it and (ii) it doesn't exist, is just a canard hiding the absence of any real campaign.

You know that being smart is not a crime, that being polite is not merely "politically correct," that those who disagree with you cannot automatically be deemed "corrupt," and that winning is about a lot more than promoting yourself and running down everyone else.

You don't want a President who stiffs the little guy because he can and then calls it good business, or one who stiffs the taxman and calls himself smart and the rest of us, by implication, dumb.

You know that women are not numbers, assault is not sexy, immigrants are not criminals, and athletes in locker rooms are not pigs at a troth.

You understand that this complex and challenging world cannot afford the four years of neglect his election would guarantee.

Finally, you understand that the two people running this year are not remotely comparable; that the both of them are not "equally bad"; that she is a smart, competent professional, flawed in some respects but possessed of enormous intelligence, fortitude and good faith; and that he, on the other hand, is an unmitigated disaster in waiting, ego and id and apparently nothing else, and not remotely qualified for the job he would have us give him.

And now, America, that you understand all of this . . .

Do the right thing.

She has a name.