CNBC Jon Stewart Response: "Bizarrely Obsessed" With Santelli

Over at Dealbreaker, Bess Levin's got an on-the-record response from CNBC on the way Jon Stewart's been doing them like garbage bags -- that is, taking them out on a daily basis -- and she's filed it under "worst comeback of all time." I got Bess' back on that one. Basically, CNBC says that Santelli opted out of going on the "Daily Show" because he felt Stewart was "bizarrely obsessed" with him. You know, in the way that he kept trying to "book" him by "calling" him "repeatedly." Yeah, okay. There's also some stuff about how Santelli's "Grecian good looks" came into play here.

Anyway, aside from that response being an exceedingly lame one, let's note the timing. CNBC could have responded quickly to the "Daily Show" by issuing a response yesterday. But this way, they don't have to face the immediate wrath of Stewart and his writers. Pure guts, this CNBC, eh?