CNBC's Simon Hobbs Rips Gordon Brown, Defends Rupert Murdoch (VIDEO)

CNBC's Simon Hobbs let loose with a surprising tirade against former British Prime Minister Gordon Brown's role in the phone hacking scandal on Tuesday's "Morning Joe."

Hobbs' rant was vehement enough that Joe Scarborough actually muttered "wow" in the middle of it.

Apparently, Hobbs felt that his fellow Brit was being rather a hypocrite for unleashing an extraordinary attack on Rupert Murdoch's British papers, which he accused of violating his privacy and illegally spying on him and his family.

"Gordon Brown was in power for 13 years at the top of British politics and he never mentioned it then," he said. "...They needed Murdoch ... and Brown is furious that at the end of the day, Murdoch didn't support him personally in his battle to regain the prime ministership."

He called Brown an "angry, angry man" and said that, while the charges in the hacking scandal were very serious, Murdoch had still done newspapers a favor by breaking the back of the print unions.