CNN Removes Post About Giant Asteroid Colliding With Earth


False alarm. Looks like we're not all going to die in 30 years after all.

A CNN report claiming that a "giant asteroid" could possibly end all life on earth by 2041 has been removed from the network's website. The article was replaced with a producer's note stating that NASA confirmed that the story is "false."

Original article:

giant steroid

Current web page:

report gone

The original report, which went viral with more than 200,000 views, stated that "the asteroid is calculated to have a potentially lethal encounter with the Earth on March 35, 2041."

Yep. March 35th-- probably the biggest hint that the story was a hoax.

Here is the full statement from CNN:

"NASA has confirmed via email that this story is false. A spokewoman for the Jet Propulsion Laboratory says that the largest object detected by NEOWISE measures 3 km in diameter and poses no risk to Earth. The iReport has been removed."

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