11 Shows CNN Could Launch To Get More 'Attitude'

We Just Solved All Of CNN's Problems

On Tuesday, CNN chief Jeff Zucker announced that he wanted some more "attitude" and reality show-type programming at the network. We here at HuffPost Media were very intrigued by this, and so we've come up with some show ideas to help Zucker achieve his mission.

Jeff — feel free to produce any of these you may care for.

"AC And The Crime Patrol": Anderson doesn't just report on crimes. He solves them, with the help of an eccentric but loyal band of executive producers.

"BLITZED!": Wolf Blitzer turns "The Situation Room" into 90 minutes of just him ranting about bipartisanship, complete with wall for him to punch in anger.

"State of Disunion With Candy Crowley": When she's not refereeing political arguments, Candy's pursuing her real passion: divorce law.

"Crossfire": Same title, but now the hosts are wielding actual flaming sticks that they duel with as they talk.

"Burnett Ballet": Erin Burnett reinvents herself as a tough but fair dance teacher.

"Extreme Makeover, Chris Cuomo Edition": Chris flies around the country, spearheading home renovations with his special brand of intensity.

"Illegal View With Ashleigh Banfield": Ashleigh reports on legal matters, and at the end of every episode, breaks a minor law live on television.

"John King Kong": The Magic Wall is now operated by a giant monkey who intimidates guests into staying within their time limits.

"Piers Morgan, Soccer Hooligan": Piers embraces his homeland and spends his hour shouting obscenities at his guests while keeping shaky watch on an overflowing pint.

"Brooke Baldwin The Bounty Hunter": Because sometimes only a newswoman can convince you not to jump bail.

"Lemon-Ade": Don Lemon quits the news business in order to manage his small but growing fruit juice company.

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