Oh,, CNN

This evening, Wolf Blitzer kicked over to Susan Candiotti, reporting live from Watertown, Mass. What followed was unfortunate. (Hat tip to Gabriel Snyder.)

BLITZER: Susan Candiotti is also following the manhunt, the intense investigation that is under way. Susan, you've covered a lot of stories. This is a pretty dramatic one. Something like this happening in an American city, I would have thought not necessarily possible, but it is right now. Update our viewers on the latest information you're getting.

CANDIOTTI: Wolf, I've never seen anything like it before. Being in Watertown right now the streets are empty. It's eerie. It's as though a bomb had dropped somewhere and the streets are clear.

Yes. It is. As If. Something like that. Had happened. Somehow.

Of course I appreciate Blitzer's affirmations that this is "a pretty dramatic" story, that is "right now" happening, as well.

At any rate, as Michael Stipe once sang, take a break, Driver 8, you've been on this shift too long.

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