CNN Panel Gets In Tense Battle Over Caitlyn Jenner

A CNN discussion on Caitlyn Jenner revealing her identity in Vanity Fair this week turned into a fighting match Tuesday night between host Don Lemon and three panelists.

On the panel was transgender TV show host and journalist Zoey Tur, who said back in April: "Trans people need an icon. But Bruce Jenner is the worst possible choice." Also present was blogger and TV personality Perez Hilton and Crystal Wright, editor of

Tur started off the debate saying that despite the Vanity Fair piece, she is still skeptical of Jenner's intentions.

"What we're seeing is the rollout of a product," she claimed. "It is a continuation of the Kardashian line."

Hilton quickly interjected, arguing that "Caitlyn is one of many voices" and the transgender community needs more people like Jenner to speak out in order to drive change.

Wright, however, would not even acknowledge Bruce as Caitlyn and claimed her identity was a bad thing for the transgender community.

"Bruce Jenner is doing this for Bruce Jenner," she exclaimed. "It's very much a product. It's a promotion."

“What’s next?” she continued. “Black people are going to all of a sudden start bleaching our skin because we don’t like being black?”

At this point, Lemon pretty much lost it.

"What does that have to do with being trans?" he shouted. "That has nothing to do with being trans!"

"I think we're giving Bruce Jenner -- Caitlyn -- whatever you want to call her, too much attention," Wright said, adding, "I think real courage is not trying to make money and millions of dollars off of coming out ... What Bruce Jenner is doing, and Caitlyn, is not real courage.”

"Yes it is!" Hilton shouted. "Real courage is living your life and not committing suicide! Real courage is doing what you need to do to live!"

Watch the video for a clip from CNN.

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