CNN Censored In China As Reporter Talks About Being Roughed Up By Police


CNN's feed was abruptly cut off in China Wednesday as one of its correspondents detailed how he was roughed up by Chinese police.

Correspondent David McKenzie was confronted by authorities outside a Beijing courthouse while trying to report on the high-profile trial of a Chinese activist. Police forced him to the ground, put him in a van and drove him to a street corner away from the courthouse.

McKenzie joined Anderson Cooper on "AC 360" to talk about the experience. CNN replayed video of the scuffle on Wednesday's "AC360," and Cooper noted that the network's signal in China had gone black.

"There's some censor in China watching us as we're talking about this and turned the signal off," he said, showing viewers an image of a blank television screen there set to CNN. It was "surreal," he said, to see the censorship happening "in real time."

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