Twitter Users Love CNN Chyron Operator's Cheeky Trump Captions

While the president holds forth at his coronavirus press conference, the banner on the screen drills down into the "propaganda."

Looks like the “C” in “CNN” stands for cheeky.

At least it did on Monday during President Donald Trump’s coronavirus briefing.

The person in charge of posting onscreen captions took some editorial license on the chyrons that were extraordinarily blunt about what was really going on during the meeting.

For instance, one caption read “Angry Trump turns briefing into propaganda session,” while another read “Trump melts down in angry response to reports he ignored virus warning.”

Here’s a collection of screenshots courtesy of CNN reporter Vicky Ward.

The captions got more brutally honest.

And the person operating the chyron machine wouldn’t let Trump get away with calling stories about how he’s fumbled the COVID-19 crisis “fake news.”

Many Twitter users were amazed to see CNN’s chyron operator seemingly unwilling to let the president off the hook.

But there was some pushback to the cheeky captions, mostly from people who feel covering Trump’s briefings are a waste because they have devolved into what The Wall Street Journal calls “a boring show” of the president vs. the press.

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