CNN Reporter In Crimea Told To Stop Broadcasting

A CNN journalist and her team in Crimea were told to stop broadcasting or they would be kicked out of their hotel there.

CNN correspondent Anna Coren spoke to Anderson Cooper Thursday night and told him that, in a very "bizzarre" and "unusual" situation, her news team was told by hotel management to "stop broadcasting or we'll kick you out."

"Just a couple of hours ago the management of our hotel where we've been staying now for over a week, we've got a team here, told us we basically had to shut down our operation or we'd be kicked out," Coren said. "We asked for the reason, they didn't give us one."

Several networks have sent correspondents to cover the crisis in the Ukraine after Russian troops invaded Crimea over the weekend. Anderson Cooper himself reported live from Kiev this week while NBC News, Fox News, ABC News and CBS News also sent correspondents to cover the conflict.

Corren told Cooper that she has a strong feeling that the hotel management was "getting pressure" from militia or the new Crimean government. She said that if news outlets are not sending a pro-Russian message, "they don't want to hear it."

"They don't like the United States," she added. "So obviously working for CNN, which is an American news organization--when they hear that, there is a great deal of hostility."

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