CNN Correspondent Ed Lavandera Knocked To Ground On Live TV During Charlotte Protest

He was on Anderson Cooper's show when he was hit by "someone taking out their frustrations."

CNN correspondent Ed Lavandera, reporting live from protests against police violence in Charlotte, North Carolina, was knocked over in mid-sentence Wednesday night.

Lavandera was describing the protests to host Anderson Cooper when a person plowed into him, knocking him to the ground. Lavandera quickly got up and told Cooper he was all right. 

“We’re fine, Anderson,” Lavandera said. “Someone taking out their frustrations on me.” 

Lavandera and his crew stopped reporting momentarily. “We’re going to figure out what to do here, just give us a second,” he told Cooper.

Later, Lavandera appeared on air with Don Lemon and told the CNN host that the person who pushed him came back to apologize

“He came up to me and actually hugged me and apologized for what he had done,” Lavandera said. “I asked him what had happened, what had made him so angry, and he didn’t really explain anything.”

Wednesday was the second night of protests in Charlotte after police on Tuesday fatally shot Keith L. Scott, a black man who they said was armed. Police said one person was shot and critically wounded by another civilian during Wednesday night’s protests.

This article has been updated to include comments Lavandera made on Don Lemon’s show.



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