CNN Fact-Checker Calls Out The RNC As A 'Parade Of Dishonesty'

Four nights of the DNC "didn’t have the quantity of dishonesty of tonight’s one Republican night," said Daniel Dale.

If you thought Night 1 of the Republican National Convention went well, CNN’s lead fact-checker is here to rain on your parade.

Talking to Jake Tapper about Monday’s opening of the 2020 RNC, CNN’s Daniel Dale called it a “parade of dishonesty.”

“We had false claims, we had misleading claims, we had major strategic omissions, we had up-is-down revisionist history on the coronavirus and other matters,” Dale said.

According to Dale, the false claims included Donald Trump Jr. saying Joe Biden described riots as “peaceful protests,” despite the Democratic presidential nominee condemning protest violence; former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley calling Trump an opponent of cancel culture, something the tire company Goodyear might have a bit to say about; and a video claiming Trump kept every promise he made, which is probably news to Mexico, a country that’s still not paying for the president’s border wall.

And to those saying the fact-checker is just against the Republicans, Dale explained why that’s also a false claim.

“I sat here in the same spot listening closely to the Democratic Convention. It just was not like this,” he said. “I think it’s important for us to note when things are not equal, and their four nights combined didn’t have the quantity of dishonesty of tonight’s one Republican night. We need to say when this isn’t the same, and this isn’t the same.”

See the full segment below for more of the claims that Dale called “just ludicrous”:

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