Supreme Court Flubs Named 'Error Of The Year'

The disastrously wrong reporting about the Supreme Court by CNN and Fox News has been named the "Error of the Year" by Poynter's Craig Silverman.

Silverman, widely acknowledged as the top compiler of media flubs, gave the damning verdict in his annual roundup of the biggest and best corrections of 2012.

Both networks falsely reported to their viewers that the justices had struck down the individual mandate. Minutes later, when the true meaning of the opinion became clear, both networks were forced to retract their claims. The botched calls became instantly infamous.

Silverman apportioned liberal amounts of blame on both CNN and Fox News. He took the former to task for making the mistake on multiple platforms, including television, Twitter and its website. But he criticized the latter for not apologizing for the error. Instead, he wrote, Fox News defended its actions.

For the rest of Silverman's best corrections of 2012, click here.

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