CNN Gaza Interview Cut Off By Bomb Blasts (VIDEO)

WATCH: CNN Gaza Interview Cut Off By Huge Blasts

A CNN interview on Friday with a resident of the Gaza Strip was abruptly cut off by Israeli bomb blasts.

Violence has escalated in the region after Israel killed a Hamas military leader on Wednesday. On Friday, Israel massed troops near the Gaza border and continued its airstrikes, while Hamas fired rockets into Israel. So far, 27 Palestinians and 3 Israelis have died.

Mohammed Sulaiman, who works for a Palestinian NGO, was talking to CNN International's Isha Sesay and an Israeli about the situation. He and his Israeli counterpart, Nissim Nahoom, were having a debate about the conflict when, all of a sudden, huge blasts could be heard. Sulaiman flinched, cried out and covered his ears at the sound. He then returned to the interview, as the blasts continued. "You can hear everything," he said.

"What was that noise we just heard?" Sesay said. "These are Israeli warplanes bombing the Gaza Strip," Sulaiman said. "I'm not going to comment. I'm not even going to allow these bombs to interrupt me from having this debate with you and your guest."

He continued speaking, but then an even louder blast cut him off and froze his connection. Returning to air, Sesay assured her viewers that he was safe.

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