CNN Host Disses Joan Rivers For Walking Out Of Her Interview

CNN anchor Fredricka Whitfield reflected on Sunday about her now-famous interview with Joan Rivers.

Whitfield was interviewing Rivers last weekend, and Rivers got so angry at what she called Whitfield's "negative" questions that she stormed off the set. The moment went viral.

Whitfield — who appeared shocked when Rivers cut the interview short — said Sunday that she did not expect the walk-off to get as much "mileage" as it did.

It was a classic case of the “hypocrisy of a comedian who dishes it but didn’t take it” and "the news reporter who pushed buttons," the CNN host said.

She replayed clips of other shows joking about the interview, including Rivers' own comments about it to David Letterman and "Access Hollywood." "[Rivers] wouldn't talk any further with me, but had lots of fun welcoming if not inviting this fresh material at every chance," Whitfield added.

Watch the rest of her comments in the clip above.