CNN Meteorologist Schools Trump On The Meaning Of The Word 'Climate'

"Climate isn’t a day, climate is long-term," Chad Myers explains as he gives a global perspective.

In a tweet Thursday, President Donald Trump tried to discredit global warming by pointing out how cold it was in the Northeast. CNN meteorologist Chad Myers was not impressed with Trump’s assessment and had to set the president straight. 

 “This is the coldest weather in the history of the Thanksgiving Day Parade in NYC,” Trump said Thursday afternoon, adding in a follow-up tweet three hours later, “Brutal and extended cold blast could shatter ALL RECORDS ― whatever happened to Global Warming?”

Myers explained Thursday on CNN that just because there’s a big cold bubble over one part of the country, that doesn’t disprove climate change.

“Compared to a normal day on record — and climate isn’t a day, climate is long-term — but this is what the cold air mass looks like in the Northeast right now,” Myers pointed out on the weather map, which showed a large blue mass across the Northeast and parts of Canada but higher-than-average temperatures everywhere else in the U.S. “The rest of the country is well above normal.”

Myers then zoomed out to show the temperatures for the rest of the world. “Find a lot of blue on this map?” Myers said, showing a world map covered mostly in red blotches. “No, not really.”

Check out the video below to see Myers’ full comments.