New CNN Ad Mocks Fox News And MSNBC (VIDEO)

CNN Mocks Fox News, MSNBC In New Ad

After airing an ad for the midterm elections that implicitly jabbed at its two rival cable news networks, CNN released a promo on Wednesday that takes Fox News and MSNBC head on.

The ad, called "CNN: The Choice Is Clear,"casts MSNBC and Fox News as partisan networks more interested in pushing an agenda than in delivering the news. The script reads:

"When you support one party or the other, that's OK--if you're a voter. But not if you are a news network. If you want to keep them all honest without playing favorites, the choice is clear. CNN: the worldwide leader in news."

The ad features only text -- with two exceptions. When the words "one party or the other" show up, so do an elephant labeled "Fox News" and a donkey labeled "MSNBC."


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