CNN Nabs Clarissa Ward From CBS

She will be joining the network as a senior international correspondent.

CNN is ramping up its international team with the addition of its latest hire, Clarissa Ward, a foreign correspondent at CBS. Ward speaks six languages and has reported from Syria, Yemen, Iraq and Afghanistan, among other places.

Ward will be joining the network as a senior international correspondent based in London, and will report for all CNN platforms -- CNN, CNN International and CNN Digital.

"Clarissa Ward is an exceptional correspondent, a reporter and storyteller who has covered the world’s toughest assignments," CNN president Jeff Zucker said in a statement.

Ward said she is excited to be joining CNN's team of journalists and a network that is the "most important name in news."

"No other organization devotes the same amount of resources and air time to the most important international stories," Ward said in a statement.

The Huffington Post in July profiled Ward, who has made a name for herself by gaining access to conflict zones other reporters haven't reached, and for being among the increasing number of women covering conflict zones.