CNN's New York Offices Temporarily Evacuated After Bomb Threat

The network’s Don Lemon was on the air when the threat was called in, but the show was stopped as the building was evacuated.

CNN’s offices in New York were evacuated for more than an hour late Thursday night after a bomb threat was phoned in, the news giant said.

The network’s Don Lemon was hosting “CNN Tonight” when the threat came in about 10:07 p.m. EST. The show was stopped as the building was evacuated.

“From what we understand, about an hour ago, a call was made from the South, that’s all we know, meaning from the southern part of the United States, into the CNN offices in New York saying that there were several bombs, as many as five bombs inside of the building,” Lemon said on the network about the threat. 

Standing outside their offices, CNN’s Brian Stelter, Lemon and Shimon Prokupecz used Stelter’s iPhone and his wireless phone signal to dial in on air. Though audio was rough, the three were able to update viewers with the latest news.

“We are standing on the sidewalk with everyone else. NYPD is going through our building,” Lemon said, pointing to police officers lined up down the block, about 100 feet from the entrance of the building. 

Before allowing employees to return to work, the NYPD confirmed that a police investigation was taking place at Columbus Circle but said that the threat had not yet been substantiated. 

The same office was evacuated earlier this year after a package with an explosive device was mailed there, part of a spate of similar mailings sent to media outlets and prominent Democrats around the country.

The suspect in those mailings, Cesar Sayoc, was arrested in Florida in October.