CNN Launches 'Newsroom International'

In perhaps a new effort to step up its international programming, CNN replaced its noon hour of “CNN Newsroom” with “Newsroom International” on Monday.

The addition retains the format of "Newsroom" with a focus on international news and events. Suzanne Malveaux, who anchors news coverage from noon to 2 p.m. ET, will continue to host the new hour. She is joined by CNN International anchors Michael Holmes, Richard Quest and Hala Gorani.

CNN International's "Your World Today" was previously simulcast on CNN at noon. However, the broadcast was canceled in favor of domestic news in 2008.

Now, international news returns as CNN attempts to combat its ratings crisis. The network hit a twenty-year low for primetime in May. April was the network's worst month for total day in over a decade.

Despite this, CNN has remained profitable and CNN International is generating a healthy chunk of the company's revenue. Managing editor Mark Whitaker recently discussed the network's new strategy with the Financial Times, describing efforts to amp up international coverage. He said that events like the Arab Spring uprisings and the earthquake in Japan last year were "vindication" that CNN could score good ratings with international news.



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