Rep. Madison Cawthorn, Totally Shredded On CNN, Admits He Has Nothing On Vote 'Fraud'

“I think I would say the election was not fraudulent," he finally confessed after getting schooled by Pamela Brown.

Controversial freshman Rep. Madison Cawthorn (R-N.C.) was so throughly schooled by CNN host Pamela Brown Saturday over his fact-free claims of election fraud that he did a full capitulation on the spot.

This is the same lawmaker who urged Trump supporters in a speech late last year to “threaten” politicians and warn them: “I’m coming after you” while demanding that American voters’ choice for president be overturned. Cawthorn also rallied the Trump supporters against the election before they stormed the building Jan. 6. He later revealed he was armed that day.

Brown pressed the lawmaker on his reasons for contesting the presidential electoral votes in Congress. Cawthorn claimed that an official was “ballot harvesting” in the “parks” of Wisconsin.

Brown pointed out that no court had supported any of the baseless arguments about election fraud — including courts with judges appointed by Donald Trump.

“Indeed, I believe specifically — and this is the one that I debated on behalf of, on the House floor — in Wisconsin that was never heard because they dismissed it because of standing. Now I don’t believe that is a concrete enough of a way to dismiss it,” Cawthorn attempted to clarify.

Pressed again to provide at least one specific example of election fraud, he responded, bizarrely: “Like I said, that’s not the reason I contested the election.”

Brown snapped: “So you wanted to throw out millions of votes without actually seeing any concrete evidence of fraud?”

Cawthorn then claimed he challenged the votes to “hold up the Constitution.”

Brown also nailed Cawthorn for saying he has issues with changes to election rules in other states when his own state of North Carolina made similar changes because of the pandemic.

“I’m not aware of the laws that were changed inside of North Carolina,” he explained in a jaw-dropping admission. Nevertheless, he deemed the election very “safe and secure” in his state, which voted for Trump.

At long last, Cawthorn admitted: “I think I would say the election was not fraudulent. The Constitution allowed for us to be able to push back as much as we could, and I did that to the ... constitutional limits that I had at my disposal. So now I would say that Joseph R. Biden is our president.”

You have to see it to believe it. Check out the three clips above.

Here’s the full interview:

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