CNN Reporter Battles Tea Partiers (VIDEO)

Here's a pair of videos sent to us by our Media Monitors, featuring a CNN reporter in Chicago, interacting with the throng of Teabaggers who've shown up to stammer incoherently and wave provocative signs. I'll leave it to commenters to debate who's the more sinned against and who's the more sinning, here. For my part, I don't think either video depicts a reporter getting "roughed up." Rather, I think that CNN, now routinely finishing behind Fox and MSNBC and Headline News and the Shipping Forecast and YouTubes of that British lady showing Simon Cowell what a good singer she is, is out there at the Tea Parties, working hard to manufacture some controversial footage.

So, yeah. The teabaggers in these segments are just inane. There's one who keeps venting spleen about Obama being a fascist (here I thought this was about Obama being a socialist!), but the reporter keeps interrupting him and picking pointless fights with Fox News. Yes: if you hate Fox News, you will cheer with a giddy frenzy and tell your grandchildren about the day some CNN reporter straight up SERVED Fox News. Other than that, no substance, just a dude with a poster he can't explain articulately.

In the second, some guy is expounding on how Abraham Lincoln just wanted everyone to have liberty, and I was really intrigued by how he'd reconcile the fact that Lincoln's also the guy who forced the Confederate States of America to heel after they went seeking their own form of "liberation," but the reporter just kept interrupting him, defending Obama and denying me the opportunity to watch a guy hang himself with his own poor reasoning.

Anyway, if it weren't for all the TEABAG MADNESS, today's top story would be about TEABAG DULLNESS. No worries, though. Your media won't let that happen! Enjoy.



Looky look! It seems that CNN's attempt to bait Fox worked, as Neil Cavuto and Shepard Smith respond, objecting to the premise that the Teabag Parties are "anti-CNN." Cavuto notably does not counter the intimation that Fox is sponsoring the protests, because how could he? They totally are.

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