CNN Contributor: Rush Limbaugh Went 'Off The Rails' On Race, Census Story (VIDEO)

CNN is fighting back against Rush Limbaugh's attack on its coverage of the country's shifting racial demographics.

On Monday, published an article about new Census figures that show minorities represented over half of U.S. births last year. Limbaugh alleged that the story was intended to scare white Americans.

"It is clear that this and other similar stories like this are meant to serve as a warning to Republicans and conservatives and the warning is you are on the wrong side of history," he thundered.

On Thursday, Brooke Baldwin hosted contributor Ruben Navarette, Jr., a conservative columnist who slapped Limbaugh back in an opinion piece published that morning. He had called the accusations "total nonsense," and said that Limbaugh "has it all wrong" on "matters of race and ethnicity."

He elaborated on those points on-air. "I listen to Rush every single day," Naverette told Baldwin. "But really when he talks about race and ethnicity, you know, he tends to go off the rails and he did in this particular case."

"It is just a paranoid fantasy that people like Limbaugh are advancing and not fair and not accurate," he said of Limbaugh's allegations.



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